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  1. City Council Minutes - Feb 10, 1998
  2. City Council Minutes - Mar 10, 1998
  3. Local News Coverage
  4. Zero Tolerance Toxics

Did Somebody Say FLUORIDATION?

  1. Leading Edge - extensive information on Fluorides and Fluoridation
  2. The Chemical Manipulation of Human Populations
  3. Brain Research Low Levels of Fluoride and Aluminum Linked to Alzheimer's and Kidney Damage
  4. CITIZENS vs. Los Angeles - L.A. Citizens for Safe Drinking Water suit to stop fluoridation
  5. The Fluoride Stop  Andreas Schuld, Canada
  6. EPA Scientists Citizens for Safe Drinking Water Monday, July 7, 1997 NEWS RELEASE For immediate release J. William Hirzy, Ph.D., Senior V.P. NFFE
  7. Dental Fluorosis Prevention Program Darlene Sherrell
  8. Fluoridation for Dummies … 20 Questions Oregon Citizens for Safe Drinking Water
  9. Leading Edge Research Group ... Valdamar Valerian
  10. org/action/kennedy.htm Statement on the Initiative by Citizens For Safe Drinking Water, 3243 Madrid Street, San Diego, CA 92110 Email: (Jeff Green)
  11. Mtn View Citizens for Safe Drinking Water California
  12. California Initiative to Prohibit Fluoridation - Organizations Which Endorse the Safe Drinking Water Initiative Health Conscious Groups Gather Signatures To Ban Fluoridation in California
  13. Fluoridation News News Index for First Half of 1997 EPA Scientists Endorse California Safe Drinking Water Initiative July 7, 1997 Restraining Order Fails
  14. South African Fluoride Web Page
  15. NoFluoride website, Olympia, Washington
  16. Doctor's Guide to Medical and Other News EPA Scientists Take Stand Against Fluoridation
  17. Did government approve citizens as toxic waste sites?   by Dale Brown
  18. Citizens For Safe Water Habitats (Modesto)
  19. Intructions for Petitions - Obtain Every Voters Middle Name or Initial Each signature and printed name must be the same as on the voter
  20. Fluoride Issues - site is maintained by Dan Montgomery, Editor, P.O. Box 40624, Eugene, Oregon 97404
  21. Ediciones Del Fluoruro - Las ediciones del fluoruro son un servicio informativo no lucrativo. El redactor es un estudiante en informática en la universidad de primero y segundo año de Santa Rosa.
  22. Gary Null, Ph.D., The Fluoridation Fiasco

  23. Preventive Dental Health Association David Kennedy, DDS
  24. Lynn Landes ~ Zero Waste America, Yardley, PA
  25. Peter Ruscitti, An analysis of Fluoride ...South Glens Falls, NY
  26. Fluoridation News - Index Dental Fluorosis Is Cause of Legal Action December 10, 1996 Portland, Oregon to add Sodium Hydroxide to Water December 3, 1996 Fluoridation
  27. Holistic Dental Association
  28. Holistic Medicine
  29. Dr. Darryl Roundy's Page, Tacoma, Washington
  30. Lee Hitchcox, D.C.
  31. Academy of General Dentistry Fruit juices may foster fluorosis in children.
  32. National Federation of Federal Employees - P.O. BOX 76082, Washington, DC 20013 202-260-2383(V) 202-401-3139(F) Local2O5O July 2, 1997
  33. Dr. Gerald Smith's slide show
  34. American Dental Association Fluoridation Facts
  35. Hardy Limeback, DDS University of Toronto
  36. Phillip Sukel, DDS - a founding member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology (IAOMT).


  • Fluorides and Fluoridation

  • Stop Fluoridation USA
    It's about total daily fluoride dosage, and the symptoms of chronic fluoride poisoning. This is an index page with links to many articles and documents...

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  • Congressional Hearings on Fluoridation

  • The cost of fluoridation

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  • Dare To Think
    For decades, the American Dental Association has worked hand in glove with industry to cover up the toxic properties of fluoride, causing untold pain and...

  • Dental Fluorosis Prevention Program

  • Environment News: Healing Our World: Fluoride - Poison in the Water?
    Listed as one of the top 25 censored stories of 1998, the use of fluoride in our drinking water may have originated over 50 years...

  • Examining the Water Fluoridation Sales Pitch

  • Fluoridation Action File

  • Fluoride - Journal of the International Society for Fluoride Research
    The ISFR was founded in 1966 with the purpose of advancement of research and dissemination of knowledge, pertaining to the biological and other effects of...

  • Fluoride Action Network

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  • Fluoride: Campaign against fluoridation of UK drinking water.

  • Fluoride: Hidden Danger in Your Drinking Water and Toothpaste - Thyroid Disease
    The High Cholesterol/Thyroid Connection, and How Undiagnosed Thyroid Disease May Be the Reason for Your High Cholesterol, from your Guide

  • Fluoride Issues
    news and scientific information about fluoridation, fluoridation, water filters, fluoride, dentistry, medicine, law, nutrition, news, history, forum, environment, environmental news, economics, surveys, supplements, dental public...

  • Fluoride overdose symptoms and treatment
    HEALTHSOUTH patient information and medical encyclopedia.

  • Fluoride: Protected Pollutant or Panacea?
    Are the claimed benefits of ingesting fluoride over-rated and the risks to our health and eco-system under-reported

  • The Fluoride Stop

  • The Fluoride Stop

  • Fluoride, Teeth, and the Atomic Bomb

  • Fluorides and Fluoridation Facts

  • Mountain View California Citizens for Safe Drinking Water

  • National Center for Fluoridation Policy and Research (NCFPR)

  • Pennsylvania Environmental Network (PEN) Fluoridation

  • Reader's Digest Magazine

  • The Selling of Fluoridation in America by John R. Lee, M.D..

  • VOICE - The Fluoridation of Ireland

  • Water Fluoridation – Therapy or Fallacy? by by Sheila L.M. Gibson, MD, BSc, MFHom
    Water fluoridation – is this really a way to improve dental health, or is it another nail in our coffins, causing hip fractures, dental fluorosis,...

  • Why EPA's Headquarters Union of Scientists Opposes Fluoridation

  • Your Child's Vulnerability to Environmental Toxicants

  • A crack appears in the fluoride front

  • Fear of Fluoride
    Fear of fluoride: Questions about the safety of this cavity-fighting chemical aren't just for right-wing conspiracists anymore. By Mark Hertsgaard and Philip Frazer.

  • Did Government Approve Citizens as Toxic Waste Sites?
    Fluoride, Teeth, and the Atomic Bomb by Griffiths and Bryson, piece together the origin of water fluoridation, its secret rationale and the reasoning behind the...

  • Fluoridation: A Triumph of Science Over Propaganda