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The Ballot

compiled by Rob Pratt


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Though Measure N deals with fluoridation of the city's water supply, the ballot question makes no mention of it. Below is the text that appears on the ballot, followed by the full text of the amendment to the Santa Cruz Municipal Code that Measure N proposes.

The ballot question:

Shall the Santa Cruz Municipal Code be amended by repealing Chapter 6.85 and adding a new Chapter 6.85 prohibiting the use of City's water supply to deliver products or substances intended to affect the physical or mental functions of persons consuming such water?

The full amendment:

Whereas water is essential to all and the public water should be safe for all to drink; and

Whereas individuals vary in their susceptibility and responses to various substances as well as in the amounts of water they consume; and

Whereas increased risk of hip fracture, cancer, neurological impairment, dental fluorosis and other harmful effects have been linked to fluoride in the scientific literature; and

Whereas data from the U.S. Public Health Service and the State of California show no significant difference in decay rates of permanent teeth and dental costs in fluoridated and non fluoridated areas in California; and

Whereas each individual possesses the inalienable right to choose or reject what he or she consumes;

The public water supply shall not be used to deliver any product, substance, device, element, medicine or preventative agent with the intent or for the purpose of affecting the physical or mental functions of the body of any person consuming such water.

No fluoride or fluorine-containing substance may be added to public water systems. All laws to the contrary are hereby repealed.

Source: County of Santa Cruz Elections Department, Sample Ballot for Special City Election March 2, 1999.

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